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Welcome to Calm Kitten! If you have a cat with uncontrolled anxiety and you are wondering how to make life better, you’ve come to the right place.


Last year, my 16 year-old cat, Salome, passed away after developing renal failure.  I found Salome (or rather, she found me) when I was in grad school at Indiana University. She was about six months old at the time. She was a special, sweet girl with a lot of spunk. Salome made me smile every day, but the one thing she absolutely could not tolerate was the vet.

Actually, that is an understatement. She abhorred the vet or any vet-like person or smell for nearly the entire time she was alive. Anytime I took her to the vet, sounds came out of her that I didn’t even know a cat could make. She hissed, she cried, she yowled, and she scratched. This drama continued even after we returned home.

It was such a spectacle, I was worried and embarrassed every time I took her in for regular check-ups. She was labeled as “fractious”, “difficult”, and “anxious”. I was constantly reassuring people that at home she was a different cat. I was terrified at the stress it caused her and warned vet offices in advance of her behavior. Even cat-specific vets had trouble handling her.

Eventually, when she was about 6 or 7 years old, I found a vet with the patience and grace to treat her with the consideration she needed. It was a true blessing because at 13 years old, she started to develop chronic kidney infections and her health started to fail. By the time she passed away, I was taking her to the vet every couple weeks, sometimes more. She was on so much medication it required a chart to keep track of the dosing schedule. At one point, she even had a feeding tube inserted. It saved her life and ultimately allowed me a few more years with my baby girl.

If I hadn’t had that special vet, I think Salome would have died from the sheer stress of going to the vet so frequently. No cat should have to live with that much anxiety their whole life, and no owner should either.

Today we have two new baby kittens named, Gus and Iggy. I learned a lot from my experiences with Salome and  I hope to carry that knowledge on for my new boys to have a calmer life  and to help others do the same for their cats.



If you are here, chances are you have a cat with uncontrollable anxiety and are looking for ways to help.

The goal of Calm Kitten is to provide you with the advice, information, product reviews and tips on items, supplements or other products that can help relieve your cat’s anxiety in a variety of situations. I hope the ideas discussed on this site are helpful for you and your fur baby. The love and stress relief that your kitten provides is irreplaceable. A calm stress-free cat will make that relationship even better.

I wish you all the best on your Calm Kitten journey! If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy respond. Comments and stories are always welcome. Don’t give up – Calm Kitten is here to help!

All the best,


Founder of Calm Kitten


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    1. I enjoyed reading your website. It covers many needs that cats have. I use to have a cat who became very anxious when strangers came over. Her attitude eventually changed, but it was not easy to deal with when she was still like that. I have thought about pet insurance but I just have not found the right one. Is the one you mentioned available in Canada?

      1. I know Trupanion and Petplan are both available in Canada, and I think Healthy Paws is as well. I know they cover pets from the states when travelling in Canada, so I believe you can get it there as well. I found this online, but I would contact them directly through my link and see if you can sign up from Canada. “Pet owners with Healthy Paws plans can seek out of state coverage, and also can find coverage in Canada”. I’m not sure if that is still talking about travel to Canada or coverage for people living in Canada. I can’t say enough good things about them, they have been wonderful. And it is so nice to have peace of mind after all I went through with my first cat.

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